1. First Meeting. Initial analysis and interpretation of the client’s needs. Examples of previous designs and projects are used to specify the details.

2. Presentation of draughts and first estimates. The first proposals and estimates are presented to the client. Once the client has accepted these we would proceed to finalizing the design and completing the estimate.

3.  Approval of final design and completed estimate. At this point the client would accept the final design as well as a completed estimate and a diposit will then be asked to settle for 50% of the total costs of the project, so that the manufacturing process can begin.

4.  Manufacturing. During this period of time the designer will carry out regular visits to the various professionals involved. This is to guarantee that the approved designs are followed correctly and for quality control. The delivery time will vary between 6 and 12 week.

5.  Assembly. The assembly and installation costs are included in the price. The client settles the remaining 50% of the costs on completion of the agreed project.